After sitting back and analyzing the pitfalls of success for a good majority of clients I have worked with past and present there are two key aspects that always seem to hold people back from reaching their full potential. These aspects can be applied to not only my world of physique athlete’s but also just in general life.


  1. Constant Negativity
    1. This entire BLOG post could have been nailed down to this one aspect. Negativity in general will kill all progress. Specifically, the circumstance I think of is negativity during a show prep or a diet. If you constantly think that the process is hard, that you hate what you are doing and that your life is coming to an end then you have already failed before you started. The one concept I want you to understand is that Negativity is a mindset, YOU CHOOSE TO BE NEGATIVE.
      1. One of the best ideas is to limit negativity. You will never be able to completely eliminate negativity, you are human after all. But, If I personally start becoming negative I take a step back from the situation. I analyze where my negativity is coming from and then I cut that out of my life. There is so much that we can accomplish in this world. Focusing on the negative only takes away from that and draws others into your mindset.
      2. Speaking on the point of others influences on your mindset. One of the main principles that I implemented many years ago was If someone around me has a negative mindset and is constantly causing drama/concerned with other’s lives instead of their own, then they have got to go. I want to surround myself with those that keep my mindset positive and productive. Which brings me to my next point…
    2. Surrounding yourself with YES men.
      1. Another large issue I see, thanks in part to social media, is that of those who surround themselves with people who are always pumping their egos. These people they surround themselves with, the yes men, are inadvertently hindering progress and the full potential of the individual. Don’t get me wrong It is great to have a support system that encourages you but, there is a large difference between encouraging and stroking your ego. If you constantly have individuals telling you that you are the best, you are so lean, you are going to kill your competition, you are #bodygoals and all the other crap that social media spews anymore you are bound to fail. These people are encouraging you to settle, to be happy with what you have and to back off. This may not be on purpose but if you are surrounded with this regularly eventually you will give in to the idea that you are the best and this will completely halt progress.


  1. The people you should be surrounding yourself with are those that encourage you but also catch you when you are slipping. In the case of an athlete the people you surround yourself with should be pushing you to be the best, call you out when you are not putting the effort in or executing as you should. The people you are surrounding yourself with should be better than you or smarter than you so that you can continue to grow.


  1. Let me give you a personal example: When we opened Iron Heaven Gym I purposefully wanted to invite those that were bigger, stronger or smarter than me to become members at the gym. I did this because the only way that I knew I would get better was with surrounding myself with those that can push me up to a new level. You should never be intimidated of those that do better than you, learn from them and GET ON THEIR LEVEL!


Hopefully after reading this post you can personally reflect and find out if one of these two points is holding you back from truly reaching success that you deserve. The key point I want you to understand is that both of these aspects deal directly with your MINDSET. If your mental attitude and mindset are positive and you are surrounded by those that continually push, encourage and challenge you I can promise that success is right around the corner. 

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