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5 BASIC STEPS TO INJURY PREVENTION FOR THE LIFTER               Contrary to popular belief we are not super human and injuries can and will occur. I am one of the worst offenders when it comes to thinking my body is invincible and until this...

Nutrient Timing

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Nutrient Timing               Let me preface this entire article by saying that this idea of nutrient timing is not accepted by all and is simply a guideline based on results that I have seen from myself and many clients over the years. The idea...

Deload: When/Why/How

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                                                       Deloads: When, Why and How       So in the last blog post, we went through some intensity techniques that can be used to get you in shape if you are behind the curve in regards to getting in shape. But lets say...

Intensity techniques for your workout!

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Well, if you haven’t noticed, it’s springtime (or road construction depending where you live) and no doubt you’ve been to the shop and picked either a manager or sales associates brain on training and nutrition.   But it’s crunch time. It’s now April and you’re...

Is salt bad for you?

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IS SALT BAD FOR YOU?   As a bodybuilder and a coach, I know that many competitive physique athletes sometimes adopt a “food is fuel” mentality and claim that flavor is secondary, although many times I think it’s likely that we’re just trying to convince...

2 condiments that can make your diet more enjoyable

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2 condiments that can make your diet more enjoyable   One of the questions I get most frequently from my clients and others is “Are there ways to make the foods on my meal plan taste better without ruining my plan?”  The answer, of course,...

Growth in Recovery Part 6

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Part 6:  Individual needs, Aging, and Stress Management   First of all, thank you for following this blog and for bearing with me through another multi-part series.  I just want to wrap up this series on recovery with a few related topics that are relevant...

Growth in Recovery Part 5

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Part 5:  Keep your muscles healthy!   Whether you are exercising for weight loss, strength, or hypertrophy (muscle growth), the very nature of resistance training is that muscles are damaged during training.  Recovery is the process of the body repairing the micro-damage done to skeletal...

Growth in Recovery Part 4

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Recovery, part 4   Using peri-workout nutrition to enhance recovery   Whatever your fitness goals are, nutrition obviously plays a part in achieving those goals.  Weight-loss, fat-loss, muscle-building, strength, and performance can all be enhanced by manipulating nutrition to be in alignment with your training...

Growth in Recovery Part 3

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Part 3:  Sleep is essential to proper recovery   One of the most important (and least discussed) aspects of recovery is that thing we do for about 1/3 of our lives --- sleep.    Pursuing athletic or physique goals certainly involves training and nutrition, and...