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Enhances intra-workout strength and endurance Increases recovery rates between sets Promotes protein synthesis, staves off catabolism 1g L-Carnitine Full Spectrum Branched Chain and Essential Amino Acid Powerhouse AminoTaur Essential has been taken back into the lab, restructured, and built back up into a revolutionary powerhouse once again. This is one of our flagship formulas at AD, and we’ve got a hell of a lot of competition for our best ever formula. Have we created the most effective intra-workout amino supplement on the market with this bad boy? I’d be willing to bet my house on it, that’s for sure. There simply isn’t a formula that has all the toppings that AminoTaur Essential provides, and for that reason I believe it’ll give you the most effective workouts, no stone unturned, of any intra-workout product on the market. You have my word.    
Detoxify Mega Clean
Available In-store Burdock Root- Acts as a diuretic in Mega Clean to help release toxins from the body, as well as having blood cleansing properties. Devils Claw- Used in Mega Clean as a homeopathic remedy for liver, kidney, and metabolic disorders. Uva Ursi- In Mega Clean to promote kidney and urinary health. Mullein Leaf- Acts as a tonic in Mega Clean to support the respiratory system and lungs. Stevia- A powerful cleansing herb in Mega Clean used by herbalists since ancient times.
Project A.D. Bull Doze
BULLDOZE is a dual-attack supplement for hard training athletes. Everybody knows that training hard and eating right are essential to developing impressive new muscle mass, reducing body fat to single digit figures and performing at your absolute peak – but there's one area that is often neglected. SLEEP. Skip just a few hours of sleep and you will see your hard earned gains grind to a halt and then wither away. And forget about peak physical performance – even mild sleep deprivation is linked to poor mood, lack of concentration and motivation, depression, reduced libido, anxiety and poor nutritional choices. We designed BULLDOZE to not only help you achieve a deep and restful sleep but also to boost and maintain the important cascade of recovery hormones that come along with proper sleep – especially growth hormone. BullDoze is the most potent, non-addictive sleep inducer on the market. Containing only the...
Project A.D. Grazed
Greens superfood product designed to combat the ill-effects of intense high intensity training Potently dosed, nutrient rich ingredients such as Kale, Spirulina & Icelandic Kelp Powder are able to control acidity & unbalanced pH levels in the body positively influencing health, mental well-being and muscle recovery. Far beyond supercharging a depleted athletes health, Grazed sets itself apart from other Greens formulas with a powerful blend of BCAA’s in the elusive 8:1:1 ratio, including 4grams per serving of instantized L-Leucine. This enhances recovery, restores depleted amino acid levels and supports muscular development.
Project A.D. Heart+
The most comprehensive formula ever created for safeguarding the body’s cardiovascular system, Heart+ optimises the organ’s function and cleanses the body of harmful substances. Improves blood flow, supports your central nervous system (CNS) and enhances cell communication to maximise overall health. An essential supplement for athletes involved in extreme competition to safeguard and strengthen their body’s cardiovascular system and ensure overall wellbeing.
Project A.D. Liver+
Liver Plus is designed to be one of the most advanced liver detoxification products on the market. Those with genetic markers indicating liver issues and taking methylated compounds will benefit greatly by taking this product. Each key ingredient is designed to reduce bile and permanent liver damage. Let’s take a look behind the science of what makes Liver Plus so unique. WHO SHOULD TAKE LIVER PLUS Liver Plus is for anyone looking to take the next step in liver health. Liver Plus isn’t necessarily targeted towards anyone group in particular, just anyone that is looking to be proactive about their health. This product is definitely recommended for anyone using methylated compounds. HOW TO TAKE Take (1) Capsule 3x per day. It's best to spread out your dosage so you consume one every 8 hours. INGREDIENTS Milk Thistle: One of the most popular liver protecting ingredients, has been shown to improve liver...
Project A.D. Matador
Matador is the ultimate glucose disposal agent. It amplifies the anabolic effects of the master hormone insulin, driving nutrients forcefully towards the muscles for extreme growth and away from unwanted fat storage. Enhances muscular pumps during training sessions and oxygen delivery to muscles, promoting overall anabolism in the body and vascularity. Perfect for maximising muscular gains during bulking while minimising fat storage, as well as muscle retention when cutting by enhancing nutrient utilisation.
Project A.D. Shredabull **Buy 1 Get 1 Half Off**
The groundbreaking, best-selling fat blitzing formula from Project AD, Shredabull Untamed incinerates bodyfat, curbs harmful cravings and supercharges your energy levels to make dieting a breeze. Contains 3 intricate matrixes that melt stubborn bodyfat, manages your appetite and delivers insane swathes of energy. Perfect for athletes dieting and trying to maintain optimal energy levels, as well as individuals looking to shed bodyfat rapidly while retaining muscle.
Project A.D. Tauro Test
Project AD’s flagship hormone amplifier: TauroTest maximises free testosterone in the bloodstream while simultaneously bringing estrogen under control. Fuels insane muscle growth, rapidly enhances libido and increases the natural levels of Growth Hormone (GH) in the body. Perfect for athletes looking to take their physique development to the next level as well as those looking for a competitive edge on the battlefield in their sport.
Project AD Nitr-OX Extreme Pump Pre-Workout
The world’s most powerful nitric oxide formula. Produces huge muscle pumps and enhances muscular hypertrophy intra-workout. Assists strength gains, promotes endurance, and sustains intensity throughout training as well as enhancing recovery between sets. Ideal for athletes looking to maximise intra-workout performance as well as bodybuilders seeking to enhance muscular hypertrophy. 24 Scoops Per Bottle Brand new to the UK from one of the UK's most well respected brands - designed for pumps and vascularity.
The Stuff Extra
Available In-store Extra Stuff Fruit Punch 20 fl.oz (2 pack) Max Strength Fruit Flavor