One of the biggest questions that I am always asked is how do I stay motivated. My answer is this …… I am not always motivated, I simply know in order to reach the goal I have in mind the work must be done. This simple fact is what leads me to the first point of how you stay motivated.


  1. Set a PRECISE goal-


  1. One of the most important motivational factors. When a specific goal is set it makes it more apparent that each workout/meal gets the individual one step closer to achieving their goal. If he/she does not have a set date on when they want to achieve their goal.


  1. Once your goal is accomplished immediately find a new challenge and create a solid plan with a precise end date to keep your motivated.


  1. Make sure not to set your goal to far down the road. If your goal is set 12 months down the road, motivation will begin to wain as the weeks go on. The ability to let yourself start slipping on nutrition and training as you get further into the long grind will be much greater.


  1. As I stated before there is nothing wrong with setting a goal. Most people’s big downfall is they are not precise enough with their goal. A specific goal with a time line and plan of action will keep you progressing towards your goal and allow you to track your progress. Keep in mind that a goal without a date or a plan of action is simply a wish.


  1. Don’t be afraid to try new things-


  1. As a human, we are creatures of habit. We tend to stick to what we know best and never truly step out of our comfort zone. This is a huge mistake and the only word that comes to mind is boring. If you were bodybuilding or powerlifting for years on end without changing your style of training it is no wonder why your motivation sucks.


  1. Now let’s clarify this a bit. If you are training for a specific event and have been for years, i.e. breaking a powerlifting record or winning a national level NPC show, I understand keeping your style of programming the same. But, you should still constantly be changing weights/lifts/rest periods/nutrition etc. These changes alone will inevitably be new to you as you progress in your fitness journey.



  1. If you are not like one of the individuals above maybe it is time for you to venture out of your comfort zone. Start to implement a different training style. (if bodybuilding try powerlifting, if you prefer CrossFit try bodybuilding, etc.) All forms of exercising challenge your body in different ways than you would expect and can give you an extra boost to motivation levels! (Just FYI for those of you who are bodybuilders that have never done bikram yoga give it a shot and seeing 105lb. girls complete a class while you try not to pass out the entire time will motivate the hell out of you!)


  1. Hire someone to keep you accountable-
    1. First off make sure whoever you higher is QUALIFIED to hold you accountable and has a PROVEN track record of results with their clients.
    2. Financially committing yourself to the process with a paid professional will keep you more committed as you have skin in the game.
    3. Constant encouragement and weekly updates on progress will keep your spirits high and if you are a person that does not like to let others down this will help to keep motivation as your coach depends on you to execute the plan to a T.

**The only downside to this motivating factor is you are externally influencing motivation which should be an internal feeling. This external motivation will only last while someone else is holding you accountable which will not result in long term sustainable habits. Use a coach and what they teach you to create good habits to keep yourself motivated!**


  1. Change the environment-
    1. Get yourself out of the gym you currently train in. Most times we get accustomed to the place/people and environment we train in. This can make us feel stagnant and will decrease motivation. Move to a gym where you are not the strongest, most lean or most muscular and watch your motivation explode!
    2. Change the time you train in the day. Maybe you do not have the option to change the gym you train in. Instead change the time of day/night when you train. This can change the entire dynamic of your workout. Energy levels fluctuate throughout the day so if you are used to training in the early am try switching to a lunch break or evening workout. Also, the change of time will change who you see when you work out. This can be motivation and you will feel like you have moved to a brand-new gym!
  2. Try Lifting with/without a partner-
    1. If you are accustomed to lifting alone try lifting with a partner. Pick someone who motivates you and can push you beyond your own limits. Not only will this help you to stay motivated but will also help you to stay accountable as someone else will be depending on you to show up for your workout.
      1. Quick Note: This is also the downside to a training partner as you need someone who will be consistent and will show up when/where they’re are supposed to.
    2. If you are accustomed to lifting with a partner try to lift by yourself. This can be freeing as you no longer must worry about showing up to the gym at a certain time or having rest breaks dependent on someone else. You can simply go to the gym when you want and train how you want. Even if this is something you only do for a short time this may help you to appreciate the training partner you had or not.


In the end, one must keep in mind that true motivation is INTERNALLY fueled by the correct mindset and the 5 points above are simply external tools that will help to keep you motivated. The fuel that fires that internal drive will be WHY you are trying to achieve your goal. This could be as simple as an innate competitive drive to win or as complex as wanting to extend your life to be able to see your child graduate college. Either way keep your WHY as your focus, create that internal fire to succeed and when your motivation slips use these options to recharge and get back to work!

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