Chromium Picolinate


WHAT IS ITChromium is an essential mineral consumed through the diet. It is found in trace amounts in plant products, specifically grains. Chromium regulates insulin in the body. It is sometimes supplemented to improve insulin effectiveness in the body. Chromium comes in a few different forms but the most common and effective form is chromium picolinate.



HOW DOES IT WORK:   It is still not fully understood how chromium completely functions in the body but, one of the major mechanisms thought to be related to chromium supplementation involves modulation of the insulin signaling pathway. With this pathway being modulated insulin signaling increases and this allows insulin to be more effective in transport and utilization of blood glucose. The chromium-binding oligopeptide which augments the effects of insulin on glucose oxidation as stated above is called chromodulin.

Insulin receptor signaling requires that insulin or something that behaves like insulin binds to the extracellular α-subunit of the receptor which allows the intracellular β-subunit to be auto phosphorylated. Chromodulin appears to act intracellularly at the β-subunit of the insulin receptor to cause augmentation. This action of chromodulin is directly related to chromium concentrations in the body and is likely the biological reason chromium is an essential mineral.

Below is a description of how chromium and chromodulin work together to influence insulin and how it is expelled from the body.

When chromodulin is combined with chromium that is taken into cells from the bloodstream, it amplifies insulin signaling by binding to insulin-stimulated insulin receptors. Chromodulin binds to a chromium ion with very high affinity, forming a complex that can only be separated under non-physiological conditions. Once insulin levels drop, however, the insulin receptors no longer need to be sensitized, so the entire complex must be eliminated. This hypothesis is supported by detection of chromodulin in the urine and its tight correlation with insulin secretion rates and exposure under no supplemental conditions.


BENEFITS: Since chromium supplementation has been shown to regulate insulin the following benefits may occur:

  1. Stabilize blood glucose levels
  2. Decrease appetite
  3. Increase HDL
  4. Decrease LDL/triglycerides
  5. Increase prevention in bone loss for menopausal women

SUPPLEMENT DOSING: Standard dosing is 200 to 600mcg Daily.  Chromium is optimally taken with carbohydrates because it has on insulin.



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