• L-Carnitine is synthesized amino acids from lysine and methionine. This amino acid is naturally occurring in the human body and is produced in the liver and kidneys. This product is stored in skeletal muscle, heart, brain and sperm.
    • Other Forms:
      • Acetyl-l-carnitine: this form is processed in a way so that it can pass through the blood-brain barrier. Due to this characteristic this form of L-carnitine is ideal for brain and nerve support.
      • L-carnitine tartrate: is the purest form of l-carnitine available in supplement form. A tartrate is a salt or ester of the organic compound tartaric acid and it is used in this case to improve absorption of L-carnitine in the body.


  • Weight Loss- When an individual is deficient in levels of naturally occurring L-Carnitine the supplementation of this product can result in increased fat loss. These deficiencies come from lack of animal proteins in the diet or impaired carnitine utilization. It has also been shown that supplementing Carnitine does create a slight trend towards fat oxidation post exercise.
  • Glucose Disposal- This product has been shown to increase glucose disposal and can increase insulin sensitivity in those who have impaired glucose metabolism.
  • Recovery and Work Volume- Increased recovery (due to increased oxygenation of tissues) and increased work volume has been shown when supplementing this product.
  • Fatigue- This product has been shown to decrease fatigue in those that are lacking deficient in Carnitine.
  • Sperm Count and Motility- A few studies have shown supplementation of this product has helped to increase sperm count and motility.


  • Standard dosing for L-carnitine is between 500-2000mg.
  • Most effective when taken with carbohydrates.


  • Olympus Labs Waistline
  • Olympus Labs Waistline Extreme
  • Betancourt Carnitine Plus
  • Musclesport Cardio Burn (pre-workout)
  • Limitless Nutrition Haywire (pre-workout)
  • Pro Supps Hyde Cutz (pre-workout)

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